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Laguna Adventures Bacalar
Laguna Adventures Bacalar
Laguna Adventures Bacalar
Laguna Adventures Bacalar
Laguna Adventures Bacalar

Privacy Policy

Laguna Adventures Bacalar is strictly committed to guaranteeing the protection of its online services confidentiality. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform our users about the different kinds of information that are possible to obtain when they visit our Site, the use Laguna Adventures Bacalar could give to that information and the options the user has regarding how Laguna Adventures Bacalar could employ that information. We define personal information as the collection of data that allows someone to identify you, including for example your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number. This information is private, meaning it is not available for public use.

The Site automatically collects certain general information such as the amount and frequency of its visitors and their different areas, through the use of “cookies”. Laguna Adventures Bacalar’s cookies do not collect its users’ personal information, and Laguna Adventures Bacalar does not complete that information with other sorts of personal information that could indicate the users’ identity, name or e-mail address. Laguna Adventures Bacalar only makes use of this information for statistics.

When you send a comment to Laguna Adventures Bacalar, we request some personal information to be able to assist you as personally as possible.

When you hire a service from Laguna Adventures Bacalar through our Site, we request personal information for the registration of the product or service.

The requested information could include your name, e-mail address, billing address, credit card number, or other information, with the purpose of providing you with the service or product you require. Aside from the previous information, Laguna Adventures Bacalar could request information from its users about their personal interests, so that both parties can benefit from the online information, in this case, allowing the user to choose whether or not to provide this information.

The statistics obtained through the Site, allow Laguna Adventures Bacalar to determine how many clients access a certain area, with the purpose of being able to improve its services and to make sure they are as attractive as possible.

The personal information collected with the consent of the users, could be employed by Laguna Adventures Bacalar to market other products or services that may be of interest to its users. Despite this, the user can decide at any moment whether or not to receive information about the previously mentioned products or services, letting Laguna Adventures Bacalar know on the registration page for the product or service of his/her desire.

Laguna Adventures Bacalar does not sell nor rent its visitors’ or clients’ personal information.

Laguna Adventures Bacalar will not use nor reveal to third parties individual information referring to the user’s visits to the Site. Only the statistics could be revealed to contract affiliated companies, which allows them to observe how users employ the Site and to provide them with the best online experience as possible. However, Laguna Adventures Bacalar will never provide the personal information of its users without their legal authorization.

In certain areas, Laguna Adventures Bacalar protects the transmission of its personal information with SSL technology and stores this information in a coded format.

Laguna Adventures Bacalar reserves its right to modify its Privacy Policy, with the purpose of adapting to new legislative, legal or technical requirements, or for any other reason that allows it to provide better services and content for its users. Laguna Adventures Bacalar will make these changes public through this platform with the intention that its users are always well informed.

The present Privacy Policy is a part of the Terms & Conditions of this Site. Taking this into account, the use that the users may give this Site’s services implies they have read, understood and accepted the terms presented. If the user does not agree with such Policy and/or Terms of Use, then he/she will have the option not to provide any personal information and/or not use this Site.